Heads up: We charge a $35 application fee to help cover the costs of the festival. No one is pocketing that money. Promise.
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Thanks for your interest in the Columbus Podcast Festival, to be held the weekend of May 10, 2018.

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All podcasts and live shows located in Columbus will be required to go to a rehearsal and sound check a few days before the festival. This will require the host of the show and their equipment present. Podcasts located outside of Columbus will be required to arrive early on their night of the festival. Any podcast or live show that does not comply with rehearsal and sound check will forfeit their spot in the festival. Are you prepared to accommodate these rehearsal and sound check procedures of the Columbus Podcast Festival? *

Sponsors for the festival may require a shout out from each show. If accepted, you will be expected to do a shout out at the beginning of the show. If you're a podcast, you will also be expected to do a promo when you release the episode. We will do our best to match your show with an appropriate sponsor. If you have a sponsor for your show that you want to use for the festival, have them apply for sponsorship for the festival through the website. Are you willing to support our sponsors for the Columbus Podcast Festival? *

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